About Leawo Photo Background Remover

Leawo Photo Background Remover with Smart Algorithm Automatically Removes Photo Background in Bulk and Change Background in Clicks.


Automatically Remove Background from Images in Batch

Thanks to a smarter algorithm, Photo BG Remover provides a perfect solution for batch background removal. It can precisely analyze all loaded photos, and automatically remove background from images in batch, with no limit on photo quantity and size.

Accurately Remove Photo Background with Manual Adjustment

Besides batch image background removal, Photo BG Remover also supports manual adjustment on every single photo for precise background removing/editing. It provides Auto and Manual modes to manually remove photo background with/without the smart algorithm, and various preset effects like Fuzzy, Coloring, Shadow, and more to edit photo foreground and background.

Erase Background from Transparent Objects on Photo

Photo BG Remover helps erase background, extract a transparent object from photos, and then apply it to other pictures. Easily isolate the object to a transparent background and innovatively match it to any theme or picture.

Cut Out Hair and Fur Without Skill and Photoshop

Generally, cutting out hair and fur from the background takes a lot of time and effort with the help of professional tools in Photoshop. But now, with Photo BG Remover, it’s never been this easy to cut out intractable objects like hair, fur, and more.

Change Photo Background Easily

Photo BG Remover can change the photo background to solid color or any photo you choose. It’s super easy to make your subject stand out with solid color, travel without the trip, customize the backgrounds of product photos for your online store, and more.

The process to get the license key:-

Visit the Photo Background Remover Giveaway Link
Select Windows or Mac whichever License key you want.
Enter your first name, last name, and email address. Click on “Get it now”.
On the next page, you will receive your license key. Copy and save it for further activation.


Download Links – Leawo Photo Background Remover For Windows Leawo Photo Background Remover for Mac

Note:- This Giveaway ends on February 14th, 2022, so get your license before it.


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