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The software abylon SHAREDDRIVE protects sensitive data from unauthorized access by encryption with recognized encryption algorithms. The original files can only be accessed if the correct password is known or if the appropriate hardware key is available. Access is possible via a special program window. Due to the file-based structure of the encryption, the simultaneous access of several users to the database is no problem. The files can also be stored centrally on a server or in a data cloud. The transfer via the network is encrypted and the file is only decrypted on the client.

On Cloud_Speicher expands the storage space on the PC and allows access from different devices. In the meantime, there are numerous cloud offerings from large and small providers. The best-known cloud services include Microsoft’s OneDrive, Google’s GoogleDrive, the dropbox from the provider of the same name, or AmazonCloud from Amazon.

However, a disadvantage is that important or even secret documents are entrusted to a foreign company. Depending on the provider, different promises are made regarding security and Privatsphäre. Frequently, however, these are free offers and everyone should ask themselves what possibilities of monetization there are.

To play it safe, the data can be encrypted in the cloud. This is for example possible with our software abylon BASIC, manually via the File Explorer. More comfortable is the use of our multi-user encryption solution abylon SHAREDDRIVE. If the cloud software offers a virtual directory on the computer, nothing stands in the way of the use of our software. This directory or a subfolder must be defined in the software ware abylon SHAREDDRIVE as an initial directory. All data in SHAREDRIVE are encrypted on the PC and only then loaded into the cloud via the WebDAV protocol. Conversely, the transmission is also encrypted when editing the files and only on the PC the documents are decrypted.


  • Automatic encryption and decryption of files in the background
  • Encryption with the Blowfish (448 bit) or AES (256 bit) algorithm
  • PasswordScrambler and image input: anti-keylogger function by hacking the password input and using image objects for cryptic password sequences
  • Combination encryption with the Blowfish and AES (HighEncryption – System) algorithm
  • New program window for direct access to the encrypted data. This is also used in the mobile version
  • Full text search in encrypted files
  • Special server software is not required
  • Each file will be saved as an individually encrypted image file
  • Encrypted transmission of the data over the network or Internet (decryption only on the client)Masking of the original file name by an arbitrary number, so that no inference can be made about the type and content of the file
  • Multiuser support: Multiple users can access a SHAREDDRIVE at the same time
  • Display of open files
  • Memory requirements only Depending on the size of the files
  • Access to encrypted CDs and DVDs
  • Maximum size only Depending on the hard disk limit
  • Crash backup: Decrypt only the required files and clean the temporary directory after restart
  • Low backup effort due to individual encryption and storage of each file
  • Automatic update (can be deactivated)
  • export the Settings
  • Administration for companies
  • Encrypted file server in companies: Important company data can thus be encrypted and stored centrally on one server. All users can access this data simultaneously without having to worry about encryption. (NOTE An installation of the software on the server is NOT necessary)
  • CD/DVD Usage: Data that does not change can be stored encrypted on a CD/DVD. There are only numbered files on the CD/DVD, without which the content can be inferred. Only authorized persons are shown the real file names and can view the files. If the CD/DVD is lost, the Finder can do absolutely nothing with the data.
  • RAS or VPN dial-in: Access from home computer via RAS dial-in or VPN access is possible without problems.

System requirements for encrypting files:

Processor: Pentium (or comparable)
Main memory: 256 MByte RAM
Free hard disk space approx. 25 MByte
operating system Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, 2003, 2008, WTS, 32 and 64bit
screen resolution: min. 1024×600 Pixel
Optional smart card reader and certificate smart card or USB token.

Supported standards:

CAPI (Microsoft Crypt API),
PKCS#7 (Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard)
PKCS#11 (Cryptographic Token Interface Standard)
PKCS#12 (Personal Information Exchange Syntax)
Blowfish and/or AES algorithm
X.509 v3 Certificates
Microsoft Certificate Database


Download Link – abylon SHAREDDRIVE 20



Registry key: 00EN-6F08E487-E79450023F-C21W3

Install and run LOGON and click the PURCHASE LICENSE button. At the next screen enter the NAME OR CD-KEY and REGISTRY-KEY you received in your email address.

Note:- As it is a giveaway software activate ASAP before it ends.


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