Experience your photo moments with family and friends, Transform photos, videos, text, and music into a fascinating movie experience and share your memories in brilliant quality.
Hundreds of transitions, finely adjustable (for example duration, direction, animation, etc.)
Use transitions as fade-ins and fade-outs
Images in perfect quality – no pixel get wasted.
Display images full size or as a collage
Select the image section using a camera pan and zoom.
The new effect “3D Cube” can show 6 photos at the same time and animate them as a rotating cube.
Create a virtual photo wall with the new “3D Strip” effect.
Export entire projects with motion blur
Moiré effects during zooms are a thing of the past
Even when panning, individual images or videos blend into each other so smoothly that the viewer’s eye can fully engage with the actual content
You determine the strength of the Motion Blur yourself.
Easily apply color effects to single or multiple objects at once via live effect.
15 ready-made styles are included.
Several photos or even videos combine to form one unified impression.
Layouts can be nested within each other as desired.
Adjust margins, inner spacing, rows, columns, and animation
The process to get the license key:-
The pages are in the German language so use google translates or chrome browser to view it in English. Select your country, enter your email addresses 2 times, tick mark the check box and
Click send. You will receive an email containing a confirmation link to confirm it. After confirmation, you will again receive an email containing the license key.
Install and activate it with the license key you received in your email.
Note:- As it is a giveaway software activate ASAP before it ends.

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