Increase security and convenience with a Windows logon hardware key. If you want to protect your computer in an effective way against unauthorized access, then the software abylon LOGON is a comfortable solution. Therefore as a hardware key, a chip card, a USB storage medium, or a CD/DVD is learned with the Windows login data. In the future, this key is sufficient for registration at the computer. As additional protection, the Windows registry can be protected optionally with an individual password or be changed automatically once daily the Windows password. To log off or spear the computer only the removal of the hardware key is necessary. Thus the computer is protected without large expenditure against curious looks and secret data theft. In addition, a random password can be activated. To improve security, the software abylon LOGON optionally changes the Windows login data once a day with random data and guarantees the use of long and highly complex passwords.
Automatic Windows logon with a hardware key
 Supported hardware keys: USB stick, various chip cards (also RFID radio chip cards), CD/DVD
 Additional security through password and token combination (optional)
 Windows login with long password without remembering and typing it
 Lock or unlock computer automatically in absentia
 Support of various X.509 certificate smart cards and tokens
All our modules can be switched into admin mode by the shield icon. Since this version, the software can also be switched back to the user mode.
The process to get the license key:-
Enter your name, email address two times, write anything in the message accept the privacy policy, and solve spam protection. Click on “Request registration key”. On the next page, you will get your license key, you will also receive your license key in your email (check inbox as well as spam folder). 
Download Link – abylon LOGON 20
Install and run LOGON and click the PURCHASE LICENSE button. At the next screen enter the NAME OR CD-KEY and REGISTRY-KEY you received in your email address.
Note:- As it is a giveaway software activate ASAP before it ends.

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