All the data in all the right places – The file butler takes care of the details. SyncManager can be used on all Windows computers. It relieves the user of many everyday tasks related to “synchronizing files” and acts as a “data butler” to ensure that all files are always in the right place. The tool waits in the background for certain events to occur (such as the connection of a device) – and then independently takes care of the tasks once they have been defined. And it does this anew every day. The SyncManager can be used in many ways.

Keep your data in sync
Simply select the files to be backed up and a title for the backup. The most common file types are already available in a pre-selection.
Set up once
Every time a set-up device is plugged into the PC, Syncmanager processes the job in the background.
Would you like a little more?
Select permanent synchronization so that SyncManager starts immediately when changes are made, or manually start the specified jobs when you want.
Versatile use
Important files that were edited during the day can be copied to a connected external hard drive in one go in the evening. In this way, you always have an up-to-date backup copy available and all data is in sync. 2. New music downloaded from the Internet is automatically transferred to your media server as soon as it is recognized in the network. This means that the music is then available throughout the entire house. 3. if a digital camera is connected to the computer, the picture files are copied to a previously named picture archive if desired. In this way, the SyncManager saves you manual copying.
Manual or automatic folder and file synchronization
SyncManager synchronizes files in the background between folders, hard drives, and other devices that can be connected to the computer. You can choose whether your sync job, once created, should be done automatically as soon as the SyncManager registers a change or whether you want to start the synchronization manually.
Download Link – Abelssoft SyncManager v6.48
Install and use its full version.

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