MacMagic can help clear up gigabytes of lost storage space crowded up by the caches of poorly optimized apps, hide and show hidden files in the Finder, help force-delete the contents of the Trash or stubborn files, and perform various other tasks to help automate or simplify your daily workflow!
Quit & Restart Finder
Whether you’re trying to save RAM and CPU time, or are fighting a pesky bug, easily fully quit and/or restart the Finder.
Force Delete
Pesky flies can sometimes evade deletion using the built-in Trash feature. Escalate to super-user privileges and eliminate them.
Combine & Create PDFs
Use our Combine PDFs feature to easily convert any image file to PDF format (the web standard for documents), or add and remove pages from existing documents.
System Tools
Easily access hidden system tools buried deep within macOS such as Screen Sharing, Certificate Utility, File Merge, and more.
Lock Files
Recursively lock or unlock entire folders worth of files.
Perform other routine system maintenance like running cron tasks, flushing disk cache, clearing the DNS cache, wiping out a stuck print queue, and more.
The process to get the licence key:-
Enter your name and email address and click on
Request app. You will receive an email containing a confirmation link. Confirm and you will get your license.
Download Link – MacMagic
Install and activate the license key you received in your email.

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