Merge multiple exposure images into an HDR imagewithout halos, artifacts, and aberration.
HDR Merging Algorithm
Merge photos with different exposures and create stunning HDR photo.
HDR Tone Mapping
Create dramatic HDR photos with three different tone mapping algorithms.
HDR Vignette
Provide brilliant vignette effect to enhance your HDR images and photos.
HDR Filters
In-built filters that bring more creativity to your HDR photos in one click.
HDR Denoise
Remove artifacts and noises in your HDR photos and preserve the excellent quality.
HDR Sharpness
Sharpen and enhance the edge to create incredible effects.
Lifetime Update
We provide lifetime upgrade services for all users.
Standalone software that runs on both Mac and Windows computers.
Easy to Use
No learning curves, just drag the slider to get the amazing HDR.
License Key – 192251ae-d8cf-49ec-8a5b-fdcbb714999b
Install and activate it with the license key provide above.
Note:- As it is a giveaway software activate ASAP before it ends.

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