The reliable data eraser to help you permanently shred files, erase hard drive, wipe unused disk space with certified data erasure standards.
Secure Data Erasure, Prevent Data Recovery
Once the private data falls into the wrong hands, the consequences would be unimaginable. AweEraser, the reliable data erasure software, can help you permanently erase private data before you resell, donate, give away, lend or dispose of your computer or storage device, beyond the scope of data recovery.
Erase All Devices
Securely and permanently erase data from PC, laptop, HDD/SSD, USB flash drive, memory card, digital camera, and other data storage device.
Certified Data Erasure
Safe and certified data erasure standards including HMG Infosec Standard 5, German FOFIS, DOD 5220.22-M, U.S. Army AR380-19, Peter Gutmann’s algorithm.
Safe Data Erasure
Only permanently erase data from your hard drive or device. It will never cause any damage or shorten the service life of your device. And 100% permanently erase your data.
All-in-one File Shredder & Disk Wiper
AweEraser provides flexible data erasure solutions to help you permanently erase data under different situations. It not only can shred files, but it also can erase hard drive, wipe free disk space, etc.
Erase Files
Securely and permanently delete files/folders, permanently shred files/folders.
Erase Hard Drive
Wipe the entire hard drive to permanently erase all data on the hard drive.
Erase Free Space
Wipe unused disk space to permanently erase previously deleted/formatted data.
Full Erasure Report
Check the full erasure history to see what data or hard drive you’ve erased.
Powerful Uninstaller
Powerful uninstaller to help you uninstall unwanted programs one by one or in batches and clean up app associated files. Free up more disk space on your computer.
Secure Privacy Cleaner
Secure privacy cleaner helps you remove all traces of internet activities (clean up browsers’ histories, cookies, password, caches, logs, junk files, etc.).
Download Link – Magoshare AweEraser v4.6
Install and activate it with the license key provided above.
Note:- As it is a giveaway software activate ASAP before it ends.

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