MacBooster specializes in cleaning up junk files for your Mac safely, securing your Mac from any threats and boosting Mac to the peak performance.
System Junk
With one click, MacBooster scans and removes over 20 types of junk files. Give your Mac a full cleanup and regain more space.
Large & Old File
Large & old files take up huge space of your Mac hard disk. Within few seconds, MacBooster can locate and remove them easily.
Duplicate Finder
Duplicated files can be generated easily on Mac. Why wasting space to keep them? MacBooster can find and clean the duplicated ones quickly and in a smart way.
Startup optimization
When you find your Mac is slow to launch or running slow, you should notice that many of the login startup items are taking up and even scrambling for resource from your Mac RAM and CPU. MacBooster analyzes your macOS and optimizes these startup items to speed up your Mac like new.
Turbo Boost
Your Mac will be dragged slowly if your Mac disk permission has been changed no matter by yourself or the third party apps. And what’s more, the cache produced by the third party apps, especially the iTunes and the media app will occupy large space of your disk. MacBooster can fix the disk permission issues and optimize your disk storage to boost your Mac to the peak performance.
Memory Clean
Mac is getting slowly as more stuff is running behind and the RAM is cluttering up. By using MacBooster, you can find out which apps are the main consumers. It helps you to optimize or even close those apps taking up the memory and free up inactive memory for a faster running Mac.
Virus scan
MacBooster offers full scan of your macOS and removes any virus or threats from your Mac. Any spyware or attacks will be blocked by MacBooster’s real-time protection.
Malware removal
Once you got malware in your Mac, you may find your search engine changed, pop-ups and malicious files appeared. MacBooster can always locate and remove these adware and malwares
Privacy protection
Malicious cookies in the browsers or unsafe apps may track or even get your personal information leaked. MacBooster will guard your privacy all the time and ensure you safer & cleaner browsing.
Download Link : IObit MacBooster 8
License Key : F22BA-E32BB-994A5-525AB
Install and activate it with the license key provide above.
Note:- As it is a giveaway software activate ASAP before it ends.

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