The best eye protection and blue light filter software.
Prevent eye strain
Monitors emit blue light all the time, but blue light is a kind of light with short wavelength, high energy and easy to flicker, it causes eye fatigue. CareUEyes is a blue light filter for PC, it filters blue light by adjusting the color temperature, the lower the color temperature, the less blue light the screen emits.
Reduce eye pain
Too bright or too dark screen brightness can cause eye irritation. CareUEyes automatically adjusts the screen brightness approximately the same as the brightness arround you. CareUEyes adjusts the brightness without PWM, avoid causing flicker problems.
Reduce vision problems
Laboratory studies have shown that too much exposure to blue light can damage retinal cells. This can cause vision problems like age-related macular degeneration. Using CareUEyes to reduce blue light can reduce vision problems.
Improve sleep
Blue light at night can suppress melatonin production and cause sleep problems. If you have a history of sleeping problems, you can use CareUEyes to minimize the blue light at night.
Download Link – CareUEyes Pro v2.1.5.0
It’s pre-activated.

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