HT Parental Controls and protect all your family members, both when online and offline. With plenty of features ranging from website blocking and time controls to screen capture and email reporting the program will be your reliable assistant. Keep your kids safe on the Internet. Filter content and block all inappropriate websites and applications with HT Parental Controls. Unlike other programs, we didn’t stop at only blocking sites; we supplied our program with every possible monitoring feature giving you full access to what’s going on your computer.

Website & Application Monitoring
The software monitors all visited websites and launched applications, providing parents with detailed reports of each activity. With HT Parental Controls, you can easily learn what your children are doing on the computer, see whether you need to block something additionally, or make sure that everything is under control.
Screenshot Capturing
We understand that a picture can sometimes be worth a thousand words. When capturing the keyboard is not enough, screenshots can help make everything clear. That is why screenshot capturing is so important. HT Parental Controls silently captures the screen every 5 minutes or an adjustable time interval.
Search Queries
Parents need to protect their children from online threats. Search queries allow parents to understand what their child is interested in and identify a problem if one exists. HT Parental Controls gives you detailed reports of all requests made in Google, Bing, Yahoo. The app works quietly in the background without being detected.
Website Filter
With HT Parental Controls, you can be sure that inappropriate content will not reach your child. You can block predefined content categories, block and allow any websites and keyword, limit the time that your kid spends on time-wasters like social networks, games, chats, etc. You can take control over what they can browse and establish what is allowed and what is not.
Application Filter
Easily block any application on the child’s computer. Block games, messengers, chats, any unwanted software. Choose programs to block on the list of popular applications or add a custom application located on your PC. Selected programs will be completely blocked or time-limited according to your settings.
Time Controls
With our parental time control software, you can easily control how much time your child spends on the computer. Set up daily and weekly limits, schedule for each day of the week, or a limit on the maximum number of hours. Once the allowed time is reached, HT Parental Controls automatically turns off the PC.
Activation Code: PRT25-MA552-VER21
Install and activate it with the license key provided above.
Note:- As it is a giveaway software activate ASAP before it ends.

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