Keep track of current time for all time zones and cities. View current time on a real-world map along with day/night effects as well as on the digital/analog desktop clocks.

Set world map as live desktop wallpaper
The real-world map with multiple city times displayed on it can be used as a desktop wallpaper while the software will be minimized to the system tray. So you can easily track the current time for multiple cities right on your desktop without much interference in your work.
Set world clock map as a desktop screensaver
Crave World Clock can be used as a desktop screensaver. So when your PC is idle, it will display a world map with the current time for selected cities, day/night effects. It will be updated every minute to reflect the current time.
Put analog & digital clocks on your desktop
You can add multiple analog or digital clocks on your desktop to see the current time for the cities of your choice. You can choose a clock theme for the clock from a pre-defined list of stunning clock themes.
Add reminders for all tasks in different time zones.
Use the reminder tool to get notifications (with sound) about your phone calls, follow-ups, or things to do related to cities around the world.
Quickly find time for any city with the Time Finder tool
You can use the time finder tool which you can access with a shortcut key to quickly find the current time for any city or country. Just type in the city or country name then-current date/time will be displayed for that city.
Multi-year calendar view at a glance
This tool displays the calendar for a year at a glance so you need not browse through months to refer to future dates or dates falling in other months.
Registration key: 485E-78CB-8901-DA7E-84A9-416E-7F13-4AEA
Install and activate it with the license key provided above.
Note:- As it is a giveaway software activate ASAP before it ends.

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