oMega Commander is a modern Shareware file manager out for the new millennium. It looks and works the way a program from the 21st century should, your way.

oMega supports all standard file and folder operations, you can expect from a file manager. Many features and key combinations are the same as in your previous file manager. It’s up to you to customize the rest. But wait, you will discover more…
Numerous content manipulation functions are integrated, saving you trips to other programs, letting you spend more time creating instead of managing. Built-in security features will let you have peace of mind. oMega’s ribbons connect you to the rest of the world or at least the rest of the system.
Folder tabs
Opening tabs with hotkeys
Tabs color grouping
Multiline tab headers
Emphasis tab fonts
Tab locking
Tab saving
Window tabs
Works in several internal windows
Windows can be saved
Color grouping of window tabs
Locking windows
Recover accidentally closed windows
List of favorite windows
Navigation pane. Tree.
Easy opening of and switching to a tree (Shift+Tab, Tab)
Showing up to two trees, one for each file panel (Shift+Ctrl+F8)
Selecting displayed items and their locations
Moving a tree to the desired location
Displaying a tree on another monitor in an external window
Address bar for the invisible part of a tree
Quick search in a tree
Fine-tuning of the tree view
File bookmarks
A visual highlight of specific files and folders
Arbitrary color markers
Quick jump to the marked files
Selection and other processing of marked files
Easy and powerful integral editor
Syntax highlighting
Function: find all
Arbitrary encoding (Unicode UTF-16 LE/BE, UTF-8, ANSI, DOS, other code pages)
Function to search encoding (for files with unknown encoding)
Converting files encodings
View files of any size
The transition from viewing to editing with a single press
Column selection
Highlighting of identical fragments of text
Highlighting paired brackets
Arbitrary text background with automatic adaptation of syntax highlighting
Quick view/editor in file panels
Ability to connect external editors/viewers
The process to get the license key:-
Visit the Link
Enter your first name, last name, and email address. Check the box I am not a robot and click get the code. You will receive an email containing your lifetime license key.
Download Link – oMega Commander 3.0 Portable
Install and activate it with the license key you received in your email. To register oMega Commander, click the ‘House’ icon button in the top left corner, then click ‘Register oMega’.
Note: In the ‘NAME’ field you should enter your EMAIL, not your name, otherwise the key won’t work.

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