1Tree Pro loads your local and network drives, folders, and files with their sizes (sorted by size in descending order), and you can do some common operations for the checked resources in batch mode, such as Move to Recycle Bin, Permanently Delete and Move / Copy to Other Place. Also, it provides you with a few special commands (e.g. Get Full Path of Resource) for drives/files/folders. So, with 1Tree Pro, you can do the manual disk cleaning work easily.
In fact, it is similar to UNIX/Linux du command, or you can think it is a GUI du tool for Windows.
Operate Resources in Batch Mode
Sort Resources by Size in Descending Order
Intelligent Unit and Decimal for Resources Size
Common Commands & Copy Full Path
Customizable Interface
Download – Link
License key: 1TP-GA20210612-NWDN
Install and activate it with the license key provided above.
Note:- As it is a giveaway software activate ASAP before it ends.

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