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Audio Specific
Featured audio arranger: audio, piano-roll, score, drum loop, and automation editors.
Unlimited tracks, sticky feature, multiple timelines, smart hiding.
Polymorphic tracks and 15 different polymorphic part types.
ASIO, VST 3.x, Remote Control, DMX support, Art-Net support
CoreASIO support: All inputs, record/play to more than one ASIO drivers, loopback recording, FLAC capturing, MP3 streaming, HTTP recording, RTP play/record
Includes 8+GB Orchestra samples and drumkits.
Featured mixer with auxiliary ports, streaming capabilities, and n-dimension pans.
Includes featured ASIO driver with VST support, remote control, mixer, and streaming support.
Featured audio effects (Compression, Gates, Equalizer, Filters, Reverb, Noise reduction, etc)
General Multi-Band sub-host, allows multiband configuration for any other effect/VST
AI experimental features (Singing-to-notes, Auto Harmony, Speech to Text)
MIDI Learning, MIDI mapping
Keyboard learning and mapping
DMX Lighting control (ART-NET) interface
HLSL Audio Visualizations
Unlimited redo/undo arranger
Cloud storage support
Part Visualization
Project packaging support
Streaming server
Video Specific
Unlimited scenes, unlimited timelines, unlimited tracks.
Featured video arranger: image, video, text editors.
Single blend mode and multiple blend mode with more than 30 different blend modes.
Animation editor with move, zoom, rotate, scale animation modes with 3D object support.
Featured layer blend modes and geometric/brush masking capabilities.
Multiple-Cut mode with the unlimited part grid.
Multiple media bays with grid list, categories, and sort.
GPU-based H.264/H.265 hardware acceleration in rendering.
Over 300 high quality GPU-accelerated effects,transitions,visualizers.
Image color grading.
Lens Correction workspace.
Advanced GPU-accelerated text editor with partial effects, transforms, outlining, glow, and linear brush support.
Adobe After Effects plugin support, including 10 quality effects
OpenFX plugin support, including 10 quality effects
Lottie support
Speech-To-Text subtitle editor and Text-to-Speech narration
Cut movie workspace
OpenGL parts and ShaderToy paste
HLSL GPU effect creation editor
Video Stabilization tool
Panorama creation tool
Motion tracking effects
360° video and photo viewer
Advanced markers
Handwriting text animation
Automatic gray image/video colorization
Mass video converter
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License Key – 82a80e3e-dbde-4d92-ace7-220697dceb54
Install and activate it with the license key provided above.
Note:- As it is a giveaway software activate ASAP before it ends.

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