Put an end to the unnecessary image files

More storage space thanks to the duplicate Manager Photo, you give away no expensive storage space. Don’t waste your precious time with an inflated image archive and the lack of free space on your hard disk. You use Nero duplicate Manager Photo now and get rid of a task that is long overdue. Everyone who Saves his PC for archiving his photo collection from Smartphones, digital cameras, USB Sticks, Online, and the like, is aware of the problem. Like many others, you are likely to have experienced these typical cases:
Duplicate images accumulated by different devices
Duplicate images from Sharing with family and friends
Copies of duplicated images that were created by mistake
Nearly identical images through image processing (filters, color correction, etc.)
Nearly identical images through size change
Almost identical images by continuous shooting
Almost identical images from your Smartphone imported HDR image sequences
Almost identical pictures of many similar motifs
The same picture saved in different image formats
The process to get the license key:-
Visit the Link
The page is in the German language so use Google translate or Google Chrome to view it in the English language. Enter your email address and click on register. You will receive the activation code.
Download – Link
Install and activate it with the activation code you received.
Note:- As it is a giveaway software activate ASAP before it ends.

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