DVDFab Media Recover for DVD & Blu-ray is a Tool that allows users to ISO files and folders to corrupted drives or media files, incomplete file structures or not removed, the protection scan these files for smooth playback quickly repair. With the 3 repair modes and additional Features, such as automatic Scans, and file Backup, the restore, and Protect your media files easier than ever before.
Structure error
Problems due to incomplete structures in files, for which the Lack of a directory can lead to some Hardware players is not able to play these files.
Information error
Problems with the Index files, including the index.DMV, playlist, or clip.inf files, which can cause playback errors.
Video Playback Error
Playback error in certain M2TS/VOB files will not Synchronize to the Freeze, a blurred or black screen, or a failed playback result.
BDJ Java protection
Errors in the use of the Blu-ray menu navigation to normal playback, due to Java protection that has not been removed.
IFO file error
Problems in the index.IFO files, which will lead to problems in the correct navigation or the playback of DVD damage.
Faster Scan
Checks whether the directory of the files is complete, whether the playlists Index is a destroyed file or whether a Java protection has been removed.
Deep Scan
On the Basis of the results of the Quick scan, scan the deep Scan of all the files (m2ts or VOB files). This Scan will take longer to complete.
Custom Scan
Set manual, which folder should be checked when you know exactly where the files to be scanned are located.
Regular automatic Scans and repairs
You can always stay up to date with your damaged media files and perform regularly defined Scans and auto repairs. As soon as an error or file corruption is found, it will be repaired immediately.
Smart Repair
The smart repair of the main movie file can be found during the scanning process and checks whether it can be played or damaged. This shortens the Scan time and ensuring that all Backups can be played back.
Safe Repair
As soon as an error or a corrupted file is found, Media Recover, first makes a backup of the original file source, if something unexpected should happen during the repair process.
The process to get the license key:-
Visit the Link1 Link2
Use Google Chrome or Google Translate to view the page in English. Enter your email id and click send. You will receive an email containing instructions on what to do next.
Download – Link
Install and follow the process mentioned in the email.
Note:- As it is a giveaway software activate ASAP before it ends.

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