Note:-This game is available for free till Apr 22, 2021, at 08:30 PM.
Junk, junk, and even more junk. Life on the trash-planet Deponia is anything but a walk in the park. No surprise that Rufus had enough of that and hatches one ludicrous plan after the other to escape this bleak place.
When Rufus, on one of his attempts to leave Deponia behind, meets Goal, he not only falls madly in love with the beautiful girl from Elysium; he also accidentally shoves her right off her comfortable star cruiser and down to the desolate trash planet. This accident kindles a new, brilliant plan: he needs to get Goal back to the floating city of Elysium – and while he’s on it, he can also impersonate her sleazy fiance Cletus, who is the spitting image of Rufus for some reason. And thus, an exciting adventure begins…
Showered in top scores and awards, the Deponia-Trilogy, created by the developers of Edna&Harvey: The Breakout, The Whispered World, and Memoria managed to reach cult status almost instantly. Thanks to its exciting story, likable characters and hilarious dialogues, and a finely crafted mixture of comedy and puzzles, Deponia is enjoyable for both, young and old. Join Rufus on his thrilling journeys, for the first time in a complete edition with many new features, that will not only be a blast for hardcore adventure fans, but also those new to the genre.
-Deponia: The Complete Journey features over 4 hours of Developer’s Commentary, a Deponia world map that allows for selection of each chapter of the game, a comprehensive graphical quest log help system, minigame help screens, a new launch menu, new hidden collectibles, Linux support, plus 6 new songs written and sung by Poki and Behind-the-Scenes videos
-Challenging puzzles, more than 40 hours of playtime, and bizarre dialogues
-Bonus content, extras, and making-of features include ‘How to draw Rufus & Goal’ and ‘The Art of Deponia’ videos, Developer’s Commentary Soundtrack (6 new songs created and sung by Poki), and papercraft models
-From the creators of the award-winning games Edna&Harvey: The Breakout, The Whispered World, A New Beginning, Harvey’s New Eyes, Memoria, and Blackguards.
Windows OS-Windows Vista/7/8
Windows Processor-2.5 GHz Single Core Processor or 2 GHz Dual Core Processor
Windows Memory-2 GB RAM
Windows Storage-8 GB available space
Windows OS-Windows 10
Windows Processor-2.5 GHz Single Core Processor or 2 GHz Dual Core Processor
Windows Memory-4 GB RAM
Windows Storage-8 GB available space
Windows Direct X-Version 9.0c
Windows Graphics-OpenGL 2.0 compatible with 256 MB RAM (Shared Memory is not recommended)
Windows Other-DirectX compatible sound card with latest drivers
Languages Supported
Audio: English, German, Italian | Text: English, German, Italian, French, Polish, Russian.
The process to get:-
Visit the Link
Click on Get.
Log in to your Epic Game Store account. Click on Place order.
On successful order, you will get a receipt in your email.
Download Epic Game Launcher, install it on your computer to access your game.

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