SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher is the solution for bringing your faded old photos back to life. This software is intuitive and can solve any number of restoration issues with your photos. Over time, old photos can become damaged, worn, and faded. You may want to restore an old photo of a family member so that you can frame it. This software makes it possible.

When you use this program to restore your old photos, they will be clear and free of blemishes. Read on to learn all of the benefits of this software and how to use it to restore your old photos.
Fix Scratched Background
When you have a scratched background, you need to fix the pixels on your photo. This program makes the process simple:
You set the size of the scratch
You can click the Find scratches button and the software will automatically locate the scratches
Then, click the Remove button to eliminate the scratches
You should consider using the Denoise function before you remove the scratches because it will reduce the noisy and grainy spots before you get started.
Reduce the Graininess and Remove the Digital Noise
With many old photos, you will want to improve the grainy black background. You can fix grainy photos with this software to make the photo less grainy. In addition, you can use the Blurry photo fixer feature to fix your blurred photos.
Take a look at these solutions where you select the filter strength:
Remove noise automatically
Remove the blur automatically
Eliminate Spots and Dust on the Picture
For this feature, you can get rid of any spots or dust that are on your old photos. You can use the following tools:
Smudge Tool: draws over spots
Concealer Tool: draws with a single color over spots
Clone Stamp Tool: paints part of an image over another image to remove defects.
Convert Black and White Photo to Color
People often want to take their old black and white photos and turn them to color. When you see old pictures in color, they are more vivid and give you a better idea of the surroundings in the picture. This software makes it simple to turn black and white photos into color with a quick click of a button.
The software is intuitive and coloring old photos has never been easier. You can simply upload your old black and white pictures and look at the results.
Select the Colorize Photo solution
Click the Run button
The process to get the license key:-
Visit the Link
Enter your email address and click “Request full version key”. Complete your basic profile and you will get your license key. Copy and save it.
Download – Link
Install and activate it with the license key you got.
Note:- As it is a giveaway software activate ASAP.

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