The easy-to-use password manager abylon KEYSAFE provides help for the password flood, whereby you only have to remember one password. Alternatively, you can also use a USB stick, a CD, a chip card, or a certificate (X.509) as a “key”. All your passwords, PINs, access data, account information and other secret data will be stored in the clear window. The stored data can simply be dragged with the mouse into the corresponding fields of the browser or a dialog (Drag&Drop). The abylon KEY GENERATOR is a practical password generator for generating completely random passwords. To ensure a high level of security, the internationally recognized encryption algorithms AES (256-bit key length) and Blowfish (448-bit key length) are used. Another advantage of the software abylon KEYSAFE is the possibility to create a mobile version on a USB stick. So you always have your passwords with you and can access your passwords and access data on further PCs.
Only one password or alternatively a USB stick, chip card, or CD/DVD as key
Blowfish (448-bit key length) or AES encryption algorithm (256-bit key length)
Copy the data by dragging with the mouse (Drag&Drop)
Creation of completely random passwords in the password generator
Mobile use my copy on a USB stick
Optional access authorization through X.509 certificates (HYBRID system).
The process to get the license key:-
Visit the Link
Enter your name, email address two times, write anything in the message accept the privacy policy, and solve spam protection. Click on “Request registration key”. On the next page, you will get your license key, you will also receive your license key in your email (check inbox as well as spam folder). 
Download – Link
Install and run LOGON and click the PURCHASE LICENSE button. At the next screen enter the NAME OR CD-KEY and REGISTRY-KEY you received in your email address.
Note:- As it is a giveaway software activate ASAP before it ends.

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