Easy and Smart Photo Sorting and Editing Software for Everyone. Photos are far more than proxies for a single moment. Photos freeze all the particular moments and are able to bring you back to memories in life. Fotosifter will surprise you with easy and smart photo sorting. You can also use it to enhance photos with one click, share your moments in slide videos, and more. After customizing your photos, Fotosifter enables you to export your photos in the original format or convert them into JPG or PNG. The photo videos can be exported in MP4, MOK, MOV, AVI. Besides, you can easily print them by connecting your PC with a printer. Fotosifter make it easy to share your photos and videos on Facebook and Youtube through the program.


Category your photos by people, place, date, and selection automatically.
Detect similar and duplicated photos. You can manage them and delete unwanted ones.
Rate photos, add to Favorites by quick accesses.
Sort your particular photos by customized tags in your own way.
Import and Sort All Your Photos in One Place.
Take Advantage of Cgaga Advanced Algorithms.
Plentiful Editing Tools and Slide Effects to Stylize Your Photos.


Download – Link
Install and activate the license key provided in the zip.

Note:- As it is a giveaway software activate ASAP.


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