Non-encrypted files are easy prey for spies and other curious people. The only remedy is sufficiently secure encryption with recognized encryption methods. The software abylon CRYPTDRIVE creates so-called container files, which are secured with the known encryption algorithms AES or Blowfish. Only if the corresponding key was used, the secured data show up in the file explorer. As a key, a password can be entered over the keyboard, as well as a chip card, USB stick, or certificate can be used. When Cryptdrive is open, the contained files are displayed in the assigned drive and can be edited and opened there. Applications can also be installed here, whereby the encryption runs automatically in the background. When Cryptdrive is closed, the drive is hidden and the contained data is protected against further access.
Network-compatible container-based encrypted drives
High encryption with a key strength of 448 bit (Blowfish) or 256 bit (AES); including combined encryption
Access rights via password, smart card, USB token, CD, or certificate
Only open drives are visible in the File Explorer
The process to get the license key:-
Visit the Link
Enter your name, email address two times, write anything in the message accept the privacy policy, and solve spam protection. Click on “Request registration key”. On the next page, you will get your license key, you will also receive your license key in your email (check inbox as well as spam folder). 
Download – Link
Install and run LOGON and click the PURCHASE LICENSE button. At the next screen enter the NAME OR CD-KEY and REGISTRY-KEY you received in your email address.
Note:- As it is a giveaway software activate ASAP before it ends.

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