Analyze the specific people and things

shown in the pictures and perform
a series of calculations based on their color,
quality, pixels and many other elements,
and finally find out the duplicate pictures.
Comparing Contents in Various Image Formats
Analyze the specific people and things shown in the pictures and perform a series of calculations based on their color, quality, pixels and many other elements, and finally find out the duplicate pictures. The result is regardless of image formats, we can find out a duplicate photos list like this: “office.jpg”, “office-modified.png”, “office 2.bmp” and “office-bak.jpg”.
Built-in High-speed Comparison Algorithm
This product uses our original “virtual image intersection intelligent memory” algorithm to quickly obtain the hash value of all pictures in the scan source, and then uses the fast hash reverse sorting technology to obtain a list of duplicate pictures at one time. These repeatedly tested and optimized internal algorithms make our product to be much faster than most other similar software under the premise of ensuring the accuracy of the results.
CheckSmart Selection and Other Multiple Checking Methods
Except to quickly, comprehensively and accurately find duplicate pictures, another important function of our product is to quickly and accurately delete unwanted ones. To this end, we investigated and analyzed a large number of actual user behaviors and the reasons for repeated pictures, innovatively developed the powerful automation function – “smart selection”. In addition to smart selection, our product also provides other 5 check methods, e.g. by paths, by drives, etc. 
Very Easy to Use, Only Need 1 Click to Get Result
For normal users, do not need to adjust the scanning sources and options, we have set the default settings according to the most common application scenarios. After the software is launched, directly click the “Find now” button to get the list of duplicate pictures as you want.
Extremely SimilarCan Find Out Extremely 
Similar Images
The so-called “extremely similar” can be understood as “files can be deleted safely without causing accidental deletion”, our product determines the “duplicate” photos based on user habits and the built-in difference algorithm. But we have not made a adjustable “Similarity” option, one reason is easy to cause accidental deletion, and the other is to minimize your workload, let the software’s own intelligent recognition algorithm help you to decide whether the photos are “duplicate”.
Flexible Sources: Drive(s), Folder(s), Files and Type(s)
You can specify the drives, folders and / or files to scan at the “Select resources” area on the left, specify the picture types (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, Icon and all other types) to be compared at the “Select type(s)” area on the right, can also specify excluded directories on the “Options” interface.  
Duplicate Files Listing
When there are many duplicate photos, and you need to carefully review the results and then check and delete those that are not needed, it may be impossible to process all the results due to time reasons, such as shutting down PC after get off work or bedtime. At this time, it is very useful to save the repeated list so that it can be processed next time when your PC is turned on. Just click the “Save” button (disk icon) on the result interface to save result, and click the “Load” button (down arrow icon) on the main/result interface when you need.
Supports all Common Picture Types (1000+ Types)
Except JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF and Icon these 6 common types, it supports more than thousand of other types. More importantly: even if you have a very special picture type that is not listed and needs to be found, you can also easily add it through the “Add…” button on “Picture types manager” interface. 
Helpful OptionsHelpful Options: Smart Selection, Minimum Size, Sub Folders, Hidden Files, etc.
We provide a number of practical options to help you use this product better and faster, such as picture types manager, smart selection, play a sound after scanning, minimum file size for scanning (KB), scan all sub folders for a specified path, do NOT scan the hidden files anyway, do NOT scan the listed system / special folders, etc.
Download – Link
Install and activate it with the license key provided in the zip.
Note:- As it is a giveaway software activate ASAP before it ends.

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