Accent PDF Password Recovery (AccentPPR) instantly removes the Permissions password and restores the Document Open password at the maximum speed in all versions of Adobe PDF. Accent PDF Password Recovery supports all versions of Adobe PDF files and recovers two types of passwords: password to open and permissions password. Accent PDF Password Recovery instantly removes the Permissions password for all versions of PDF files and unlocks PDF restrictions: editing, copying, printing, etc. Recovering a Document Open password a document is actually carried out by running the brute force attack for a set range of possible passwords. Accent PDF Password Recovery is perfectly optimized and guarantees the best speed of brute force on any modern CPU, no matter if it is Intel or AMD. The smaller the range, the less time it will take to recover the password. Accent PDF Password Recovery allows us to configure characters sets individually for each position of the generated password and try only those passwords that meet the criteria defined with the extended mask option. With Accent PDF Password Recovery you can combine up to four dictionaries and change the generated passwords according to your customized mutation rules. The rules are defined with the help of built-in macro language implemented in the “Rule Editor” which allows previewing the changes as you go.
wide range of Adobe PDF formats (see the full list)
instantly removes Permissions password
high-speed of brute-forcing Document Open password
three types of attacks: brute force attack, extended mask attack, dictionary attack
supporting multilingual Unicode dictionaries used in a dictionary attack
expert-level range customization options
auto-saving of an attack status which allows resuming a saved attack session
classic Windows GUI, command-line interface
unified interface across all Passcovery products
interface localized into eight languages (see the video on how to change the language).
separate installation packages for Windows x86/x64.
well-balanced pricing policy.
Download – Link
Install and activate it with the license key provided in the zip.
Note:- As it is a giveaway software activate ASAP before it ends.

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