Picture Colorizer is an application used for black and white photo colorization and old photo restoration. You can use it to colorize and optimize the old pictures automatically. Picture Colorizer also allows users to adjust various parameters of the photo and apply some filters.

With Picture Colorizer, everyone can generate impressive photo-realistic images, even you are not a master of a graphic designer.
You can adjust the Exposure, Saturation, Hue, Sharpen, Radius, Gamma, and Denoise. We also provide filters for you to enhance old photos.
The colorizing process is fully automatic, the only thing you need to do is to click the ‘Colorize!’ icon, the colorized image will show up in mere seconds.
INPAINT. With the Inpaint functionality, you can restore damaged pictures with a few clicks.
HSV ADJUSTMENT. Including Hintensity, Sintensity, and Vintensity.
SHARPNESS. Including Amount, Radius, Threshold.
DENOISE. Including Radius, Delta.
SKIN SMOOTH. Including Texture, Soft.
HAZE REMOVAL. Including Size, Radius, Atom, and Strength.
Download – Link
Install and activate it with the license key provided in the zip.
Note:- As it is a giveaway software activate ASAP before it ends.

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